ORDL provides data mining, predictive modelling and consultancy services to turn your raw data into actionable information that drives customer value

Using cutting edge data mining technology, ORDL can reveal hidden patterns and trends in transactional information, predict future customer behaviour and identify factors that can maximise profitability. Armed with this information, we work closely with clients to design a plan to acquire the most profitable new customers, improve customer retention and loyalty, increase revenue through targeted customer campaigns and reduce risk.

We provide a wide range of analytical services, including:

Customer acquisition analysis and modelling, marketing campaign audit, customer segmentation, cross and up-selling analysis and modelling, customer profitability analysis and modelling, customer retention modelling, customer lifetime value modelling, web site click stream analysis, fraud detection modelling.

What are the benefits?

For example, we can improve response rates to a prospect mailing by identifying which prospects are most likely to respond to a particular product offering and when they are likely to respond. Similarly, we can improve retention rates by identifying which customers are most likely to defect and whether their value justifies a retention campaign.

How long will it take?

This predictive analysis typically takes four to five days, depending on the readiness of your businesses data and the complexity of the requirements. Following an initial consultation, we work closely with you to identify the business problem and identify the most appropriate course of analysis. Finally, following the analysis and modelling stage, detailed recommendations are presented.

What are the outcomes?

ORDL delivers the knowledge to drive a successful customer relationship program, covering every stage of the customer relationship continuum, from the recruitment of the most profitable new customers to maximising the value of existing customers.

Who are our customers?

We can provide these vital analytical services to both B2B and B2C type organisations and enable them to benefit from an increased understanding of their customer data, in a timely manner and for minimum investment.