We have extensive experience providing data mining, predictive modelling and analytical CRM

For example, models can be developed that predict which of your customers are most likely to churn or which are most likely to buy a specific product; segmentation models can be developed that group your customers into specific clusters to help refine your contact strategy; and basket analysis models can be developed that analyse the combinations of products your customers have purchased and help predict their next purchase.

Data Analysis can be performed on a wide variety of client data, enhanced by a wide range of 3rd party data.  Propensity models are developed using customer behavioural data, their buying patterns, demographic data, psychographic data and a range of new computed data that are derived specifically for that model.

There are many different analytical tools and techniques that ORDL use to access and deploy your customer data, support your decision-making processes and assist with the development of your marketing strategy.  These tools are used for specific purposes such as data visualisation, predictive modelling, segmentation, CHAID analysis, time series analysis and basket analysis