Operational Research (O.R.) is the discipline of applying advanced analytical methods to help make better decisions

By using techniques such as mathematical modelling to analyse complex situations, operational research gives executives the power to make more effective decisions and build more productive systems based on:

  • Deeper data understanding
  • Consideration of all available options
  • Accurate predictions of future outcomes and estimates of risk
  • The latest decision tools and techniques

Organisations may seek a wide range of operational improvements – for example, greater efficiency, better customer service, higher quality or lower cost.  Whatever the business aim, OR can offer the insight to drive successful organisational change.

Most of the problems OR tackles are messy and complex, often entailing considerable uncertainty.  OR uses advanced quantitative methods, predictive modelling, problem structuring, simulation and other analytical techniques to examine assumptions, facilitate an in -depth understanding and decide on practical action.

How we can help you

We apply advanced analytical methods to help all types of business to:

  •      Gain insight into difficult problems
  •      Improve processes, productivity and performance
  •      Reduce costs and increase revenues
  •      Understand the future through accurate forecasts
  •      Increase market share
  •      Improve service quality
  •      Optimise asset utilisation
  •      Gain positive ROI in shorter timescales